WindTalker’s WT for Word puts the power of role-based encryption and redaction in the hands of the user. This powerful information security plug-in for Microsoft Word® accompanies the strength of the WindTalker VECTOR framework to bring a more efficient and secure method of sharing information within and outside of an organization.

The Plug-In
WT for Word uses a fast and simple highlight process that protects only the pieces of information for the intended audience. This could include anything in a document such as: Social Security number, geographic locations, images, signatures, paragraphs, partial sentences, names, etc.

Selecting Data

WT for Word Screenshot
A user can manually select the elements within a document or use WindTalker’s Scout technology to automatically search the document for information that has been predefined as sensitive. After the information is selected, the user chooses what audience can view the protected information by selecting the associated role.

Protection in the Native File
The information is now protected by WindTalker VECTOR while still in the native file format. There are no additional encryption wrappers to add, or additional software to pass data through. The selected pieces of information are encrypted at the sub-file level. We call this “self-protecting data”.

Version Control
Because the protected information is encrypted based on audience role, and stored within the native file, separate versions no longer need to be created, and maintained, for all the intended audiences at varying levels of access. The intended audience will see only what they are allowed to see. There is no need to sanitize a sensitive document for one audience or another. One file can service them all, and do it with complete security.

Role-Based Encryption
By marking the sensitive elements within a document the user assigns the role that can access the information. Once marked, the users in that role will get the appropriate access that has been assigned to them. For example, a medical document can be viewed in its entirety by the assigned physician but only the billing code and the patient’s name can been seen by the billing department. And billing department staff may only be permitted to read, but not edit or print. Or a military field officer can share enemy location information with ally countries but not reveal other pieces of classified information.