WT for Windows is a Windows tray application used to connect users’ Windows desktop environments with their organizations’ WindTalker VECTOR server, to enable sub-file level protection of their documents.

WindTalker’s WT for Windows allows role-based encryption of specific areas of text via the clipboard, individual files, or entire folders. Users can encrypt or decrypt easily using familiar Windows functions like highlighting, dragging and double-clicking. Permission is based on familiar roles within your organization, and assigned using easy drop-down menus. Files are automatically opened within the native file format, for a seamless and intuitive user experience. And because permission is centrally managed by the VECTOR server, permissions can be immediately granted or denied to keep pace with real-world scenarios like personnel changes and lost devices.

Protecting Elements of Text
Selected areas of text can be encrypted or decrypted using the Clipboard. The user simply selects and copies the specific portions of text to the Clipboard, and encrypts or decrypts using the appropriate commands from the tray application menu. The contents can then be copied and pasted from the Clipboard back into the document.

Protecting Individual Files
Entire files can be protected simply by dragging the file to the WT for Windows window and applying a chosen Role Key or Keys from a drop-down menu. Protected files are automatically updated and maintained.

Protecting Entire Folders
Multiple files within a folder can be protected in one action by dragging and dropping the folder into WT for Windows. All files within the folder receive the same permissions using a drop-down menu to select the desired Role Key(s).

Opening Protected Files
Files encrypted with WT for Windows can be opened within the native file format simply by double-clicking. Users are authenticated via the VECTOR server. If permissions are needed to view a file, access can be immediately granted (or revoked) by the administrator through the VECTOR for up-to-the-minute flexibility.

WT for Windows Screenshot