WindTalker operates in native file formats, and is accessed by plug-ins to standard applications or proprietary software using the WindTalker Software Development Kit (SDK). This robust SDK enables organizations to create their own solutions as desired. This approach greatly simplifies integration and plug-in development, and provides greater flexibility independent of the networking environment.

The WindTalker SDK allows access to the WindTalker library of services for interacting with WindTalker VECTOR. It encapsulates the process of encryption and creates secure Communications Security (COMSEC) exchanges between the users, the machines, and VECTOR. These exchanges are hardened against man-in-the-middle attacks, using proprietary and multiple-elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange technology.

SDK Functions

  • Establishes a WindTalker Secure Tunnel – Creates self-protecting data that can remain secure regardless of the data file’s state, even during transmission.
  • Facilitates a login from calling application – Securely passes credentials to KMS.
  • Require a new security tunnel for each security request – Role Key abstraction provides logical access division based on any scheme desired. Access is based on Users, Machines, and Roles.
  • Passes Role Key value and hash separately – Creates an important isolation for prevention of Role Key Compromise.
  • Facilitates determining (searching) for a specific authorized Role Key – Assigns color parameter to role and schedules role key archival.
  • Facilitates passing an archived Role Key as well as the current Role Key – Replaces the cryptographic value of that Role Key with a new one.
  • Provides encryption of a specific data set – “Hides” the resulting Cypher from data that is marked and encrypted.
  • Provides decryption of a specific data set – Simply reverses the encryption process to display the protected data to an authorized user.
  • Provides secure method to clear memory – Destroys all memory values associated with any cryptographic functions, Role Keys, or memory locations.
  • Provides a test for login status – Requires logins for users to access.
  • Provides a test to see if a particular Key exists – Maps Role Keys across an enterprise’s entire data model, so access policies are fully automated.

No Need to Hire Cryptographers to Secure Applications
WindTalker provides full support for the WindTalker SDK through one-site consultation; developer training and certification; and code review and compliance certification. The WindTalker SDK follows standard documentation protocols, and can be instantly integrated into development environments like Microsoft Visual Studio or Eclipse, or other Integrated Development Environments.

The SDK is available for integration with Microsoft Windows Certified Next Generation Encryption Library (Windows CNG), the JAVA Bouncy Castle encryption library, and the Android (Spongy Castle) instantiation of Bouncy Castle. WindTalker allows and enables cross-platform communication between any of these platforms, and is in the process of submitting our encryption binaries for FIPS 140-2 certifications.

We provide full support for the WindTalker SDK through on-site consultation; developer training and certification; and code review and compliance certification.

WT SDK Screenshot