WindTalker’s Chat application allows for secured communications for mobile-to-mobile Android messaging. WT Chat encrypts each transmission based on the user’s assigned role. The encryption keys can be manually changed for any set of users or in an automated fashion.


  • Differentially encrypted communications – Tailor a single chat message to fit the roles and security clearances of multiple participants.
  • Security power and flexibility – Instant ability to select any given Role Key for any individual chat message or session.
  • Global encryption management – With WindTalker’s VECTOR server, you have centralized management of message security for your entire network.
  • Communicate securely over public networks – WindTalker secures the data itself, independent of network security, so your chat messages are secure across any network, even public ones.
  • Application flexibility – Download WT Chat to any Android smart phone and access the same secured network. Even off the shelf pre-paid phones for fast and secure access in the field.
  • SDK available for added flexibility – The WindTalker SDK allows access to the WindTalker library of services for interacting with WindTalker VECTOR.
  • Role “Enforced” Single Cypher Keying – enforces Role Key access permissions for Users to access a particular single-use cypher key.
  • XMPP compliant – This is not texting via SMS. WT Chat allows secure, encrypted messaging over mobile devices.

WT Chat Screenshot