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Centrally manage access and permissions
to the same file.
What WindTalker Vector Does



Element Encryption
element encryption
Manage Permissions
manage permissions
Active Directory Integration
active directory integration
Partner Sharing
partner sharing
Enforce Policies
enforce policies
Visual Confirmation of Protection
easy to use
Event Triggered Management
event triggered management
Visual Confirmation of Protection
visual confirmation of protection

All through a simple-to-use interface and with the ability to integrate with almost any application or device.

The WindTalker framework is controlled via WindTalker’s VECTOR. VECTOR can be operated anywhere with network access, which allows instantaneous role-key management from a central point. Its graphical interface allows the administration to manage role-keys, users, devices, policies and monitoring/auditing of the WindTalker framework. Users managing WindTalker VECTOR never access the key values, thus protecting from "the inside job."

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WindTalker VECTOR assigns access to users based on their organizational roles via Dynamic Role Keys™. These keys are used to redact or view information for intended audiences. Role-keys can be assigned or revoked at any time. These changes can even been managed remotely by the authorized security manager with WindTalker VECTOR.

Role keys not only allow varying levels of access to a document, but can be changed according to protocols established by the security manager. Users no longer apply one static key or password to access files, and role keys are never attached to any document. Instead, the keys themselves are distributed on-demand using any installed encryption engine you wish to implement, including AES256. The role key is the only information exchanged over the cloud, in a lightning-fast exchange that takes less bandwidth than a typical web page.


WindTalker encapsulates security communications and procedures. Programmers no longer need a degree in cryptography to create secure information technology solutions. WindTalker provides a robust Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables organizations to create their own solutions as desired. This approach greatly simplifies integration and plug-in development, and provides greater flexibility independent of the networking environment. These plug-ins can be developed in-house or through 3rd party partners using the WindTalker SDK.