Potential Uses

Automated Redaction

The document is recognized and WindTalker encrypts only the form elements that require protection and make those field visible to only the authorized audience. .

Mobile Banking

Greatly reduce transmission sizes by encrypting banking transmissions over the public networks based on role.

Patient Records

Automatically detect HIPAA protected data on forms, documents, video or images and make it visible only to the authorized viewer.

Records Analysis

By detecting and protecting pieces of data, based on the viewer's role, big data research can be more efficient.

Secured VoIP

Make encrypted voice calls based on the users' role instead of being open ended.

Radio Transmissions

Encrypt radio communications based on role and allow manual or automatic global key change.

Field Command Data

Securely send crucial field data (geo position, video stream, vital signs) back to headquarters over unsecured public cellular networks.

Cloud Security

Add managed restricted viewing features to cloud-based applications.