What is WindTalker? Framework Overview

With WindTalker ®, information is secured within the native format, delivered on your terms, and is independent of device. WindTalker's patent pending security framework creates Self-Protecting Data™ that allows cradle-to-grave protection of the information itself. Documents, images, videos, text messages, emails and voice communications can all be customized for distribution on a "need-to-know basis" for any number of users.

WindTalker operates on any device, any place, and on any network.

WT for Word Demo | Secured Information Plug-in for Microsoft Word®

WindTalker has developed a plug-in for Microsoft Word® that allows the user to mark and secure confidential information. The user has the ability to protect information based on administrator-defined roles. For example, a person with Level 1 clearance would only be able to view the memo text. However, a user with Level 4 access would be able to see confidential information such as Social Security numbers.

WindTalker Scouts Overview Demo

WindTalker's Scout technology enhances and enforces an organization's security policies and awareness. These Scouts seek and find predetermined data and applies the appropriate security classification.

What are Self-Protecting Data and Differential Sharing?

WindTalker explains the concepts of self-protecting data and differential sharing.