With WindTalker ®, information is secured within the native format, delivered on your terms, and is independent of device.

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WindTalker allows enterprises to fully control their own KMS (Key Management System). Using WindTalker VECTOR™, role-keys are assigned and managed at a central point by your own staff. Users encrypt or view data according to their role-keys using plug-ins to native applications. These plug-ins can be developed for virtually any software application by your own developers, utilizing the WindTalker software development kit (SDK), or the CoreGuard team can customize the plug-in for you.

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Imagine the power of automatically detecting protected patient information and hiding it from view of the user.  Now take that same technology and assign role-based access to viewing that protected information, and you have WindTalker.  Primary physicians can see patient names, but researchers cannot.  Billing can see social security numbers, but telemetry cannot.  Apply this power to forms, documents, x-ray images, and telemetry feeds.  You can safely transmit secured information over private and public networks.

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WindTalker was developed to solve real problems faced by military forces in combat. WindTalker allows instant source-point creation of self-protecting data that can be distributed anywhere-- and rapidly--essentially moving security away from the network protection paradigm. This has ramifications everywhere from communication strategies, real-time force tracking and positioning, intelligence gathering, and unified sharing across coalitions.

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