Commitment to the Warfighter

WindTalker, designed and developed by CDR Raymond T. Schenk, USN (ret), was conceived with the initial and still overriding idea that self-secured communications will save lives in combat. The WindTalker team is still committed to this vision.

Moving from Military to Industry

As with many new technologies, what begins with a military use often translates into new opportunities to solve commercial needs and applications.

WindTalker ® is just such an opportunity.

Our solutions directly apply to any information system in the commercial marketplace today. We provide an intuitive way to cost-effectively protect and set your data free.

The Legacy of the Code Talkers

During World War II, the US Marine Corps needed to find a code to secure live tactical messages during radio transmission. Drawing on the tactics first used by Choctaw soldiers in World War I, The Marines turned to bilingual Navajo, Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota, Comanche and Meskwaki soldiers who created "unbreakable" codes using their native languages. The code developed by these "Code Talkers" (later known as Windtalkers) was a quantum leap in practical but fully encrypted open communications.

Of all the complex codes that were created during World War II, virtually all were broken before the end of the war; but the code created by the Marine's Windtalkers was never penetrated.

WindTalker carries on the tradition begun by these Native American military personnel and has developed the technology to enable the "Code Talkers" of the Internet Age.

The WindTalker solution brings to market a new technology that significantly changes how information is protected and shared across today's dynamically-changing computer networks.

WindTalker History