Government Solutions

WindTalker, designed and developed by CDR Raymond T. Schenk, USN (ret), was conceived with the initial and still overriding idea that Self-Protecting Data™ can save lives in combat. The WindTalker team is still committed to this vision.

WindTalker was developed to solve real problems faced by military forces in combat. WindTalker allows instant source-point creation of Self-Protecting Data™ that can be distributed anywhere-- and rapidly--essentially moving security away from the network protection paradigm. This has ramifications everywhere from communication strategies, real-time force tracking and positioning, intelligence gathering, and unified sharing across coalitions.

Secure Communication

WindTalker enhances current COMSEC protocols across the Global Information Grid (GIG). With WindTalker, secure communications are now possible without any Type-1 Cryptography, bringing the concept of completely secured cloud access to military information within reach.

Differential Sharing

Information sharing is critical in today's warfare environments. Coalitions of forces are frequently combined to enable broad global support for a given theater of combat. These forces all protect and distribute their own classified information differently. This process, known as Coalition Differential Sharing, is one of the largest obstacles to battlefield information flow.

WindTalker allows secure information to be differentially shared and used at any endpoint or via any mobility device.

Secure Information Sharing

The National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding, released in December 2012, asserts, "Our national security relies on our ability to share the right information, with the right people, at the right time."

WindTalker provides a ready solution to meet this call. Our solution aligns with all five goals set out in the Strategy, essentially defined as: Collaboration; Accessibility; Interoperability; Strengthened Security; and Transparency. WindTalker also enables specific objectives outlined in these goals such as: Simplifying information sharing; developing policies for access; creating common standards and processes; addressing insider threats; providing accountability; and promoting compliance.

By enabling secure and efficient information sharing, WindTalker can help the Administration and the organizations that serve it to protect and share our nation's information assets.