About WindTalker®

WindTalker, designed and developed by CDR Raymond T. Schenk, USN (ret), was conceived with the initial and still overriding idea that self-secured communications will save lives in combat. The WindTalker team is still committed to this vision.

As with many new technologies, what begins with a military use often translates into new opportunities to solve commercial needs and applications.

Embrace change.
WindTalker's Dynamic Key Management™ uses change to your advantage. Perimeter defenses and static passwords essentially make hacking your data a one-step process. Once they're in, they have your data. Dynamic Key Management (DKM) means there is never one key to the kingdom. Every time the keys change, the challenge is increased. That's a real game-changer.

Give data the freedom to roam.
How can you feel secure in letting your data roam the cloud? When data is secured with WindTalker, the protection becomes part of the data. Suddenly, network security is no longer a limitation, and the possibilities are endless. And with accessibility independent of device, including cell phones, tablets, and deployed sensors, your personnel is free to roam, too.

Take data security out of your users' hands.
Error or malicious intent? In the end, it doesn't matter what was behind it: the human factor is the greatest threat to your data security system. Passwords tacked to a bulletin board and disgruntled personnel can both equate into an "inside job" that can take down your carefully crafted defenses. WindTalker VECTOR™ circumvents the human factor with revocable, dynamic keys with values that are never seen by any user, even those using the controller.

Make the user experience really usable.
WindTalker uses intuitive graphically-based tools to make the user experience and system response times superior to existing technologies. Redacting data is as easy as highlighting text, and management of the WindTalker KMS requires only basic computer skills. With our robust Software Development Kit (SDK), even custom application plug-ins can be developed without specific knowledge of cryptology.

Go holistic on hackers.
WindTalker is a completely "horizontal" technology which can be used to create one security system for your entire enterprise. The same KMS can be used to secure data in any application for which you have developed a plug-in, independent of domain or network architecture, operating system, or device. WindTalker technology can be applied to databases, edge-of-network devices (e.g. cell phones, PDAs and tablets), text and voice communications, Web content, live video and deployed sensors. And WindTalker protects your data from creation to deletion, for holistic security of the information itself.